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Le petit dico now features 2152 entries !

Nov, 14th 2010

Nov, 11th 2010

And now, make way to LePetitDico, en Français ! That's here: lepetitdico.org/fr

Sept, 16th 2010

Dear all,

I am happy to announce that I just put online « Le petit dico d’ameyya » a community-based project that I hope will attract your attention. (In spite of its French name, the project is in English). The general principle of this project is that users themselves will be able to add their new words in the dictionary.

The word base isn’t wide so far. But I sincerely hope that with your contribution, it will grow very quickly and that it will soon benefit both the expat and the local community. The project will remain free and non for profit.* For traffic and quality control essentially, you’ll be asked to register to consult words and add words (only email address and passwords are compulsory so it only takes a sec.).

Functionalities are basic but should work (it is still a beta test). I tried to keep the design as basic as possible for everybody to enjoy it as much as possible. For self-explanatory reasons, please only insert Ameyya words. In time, the engine could be used very easily for other Arabic dialects, or other dialects what so ever.

OK. I am done talking for now. Here is the address: lepetitdico.org


Ps. If you feel like sending lessons or small and easy texts as learning materials, please do, under a typed format (.doc or .txt) and I’ll be happy to make them available for everybody, provided they don’t fall under copyright protection.